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Description is an online deepfake software that responsibly enables users to easily swap faces in videos using AI. is an online deepfake software that allows users to quickly and easily swap faces in videos using AI. The software works in the cloud, meaning all users need to do is upload their videos, click a button, and the AI does the rest. The app also allows users to reuse their models to improve the face swapping quality for additional videos without the need for retraining. The cost for basic deepfakes (10,000 iterations) is $15, and for high-quality deepfakes (50,000 iterations) is $60. is committed to responsible deepfake technology. All videos generated with the app contain a clear and visible watermark indicating that the video is a deepfake. The videos also contain traces of manipulation to make it easy to identify them as fake. Moreover, the app is designed to be imperfect so that users are still able to identify the deepfakes as fake. strives to make deepfake technology accessible to everyone, while still being responsible.
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