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Fig is a comprehensive development platform that provides developers with a suite of tools, support, and security features to help them quickly and accurately build dynamic applications.
Fig is a powerful development platform that provides developers with a suite of tools to help them build dynamic applications. It includes features such as Autocomplete, Dotfiles & Secrets, Plugin Store, Scripts Access, and Fig AI. Autocomplete helps developers quickly and accurately fill in code, while Dotfiles & Secrets securely stores passwords for later use. The Plugin Store provides developers with access to a wide range of third-party plugins, and Scripts Access allows them to quickly access and run predefined scripts. Finally, Fig AI utilizes OpenAI's Codex language model to translate English to Bash commands in any shell. In addition to its development platform, Fig provides users with a wide range of support options such as Debugging, Fig Doctor, Additional Guides, and Secure Keyboard Input. It also offers a secure pricing model, a user manual, and a feature requests page. Finally, Fig is supported by Hercules Labs, Inc. and made with love in San Francisco.
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