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Meeting transcription software
Description is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps to increase meeting productivity by providing real-time transcription, note-taking, collaboration, and integration with other platforms. is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps users to increase their meeting productivity. It transcribes conversations in real-time, takes effortless notes, and allows for collaboration and integration with other platforms such as Google Meet, Google Docs, and Zoom. also provides features such as follow-up action items, summaries, and follow-ups in seconds, allowing users to easily keep track of their meetings. It is especially useful for project management, engineering teams, product management, HR and recruitment, and UX/UI researchers. With, users can share conversations and transcripts with their entire team while also being able to manage their calendar and spaces. All of these features combined make an essential tool for increasing meeting productivity.
Pricing ModelFreemium
TrialNo Free Trial

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