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Testkit is an AI-powered code-less testing platform that makes testing simpler, faster, and more efficient by detecting and self-healing broken tests.
Testkit is a code-less testing platform that makes testing simple and efficient. The platform allows users to record tests in seconds using their browser extension without needing to write any code. Testkit then runs the tests in the dashboard or in a CI pipeline and automatically fixes tests when they break. The platform provides debugging features such as screenshot, console, and network logs, and DOM inspection. Testkit also detects flaky tests and uses AI to self-heal broken tests. Every new account comes with a free 14-day trial with all features and two parallel workers included. Testkit is designed to help users increase their productivity by making testing easier and faster. By using Testkit, users can create complex end-to-end tests with just a click of a button and rely on Testkit to detect and self-heal any broken tests. With the debugging features, users can quickly identify and solve any issues they encounter. Testkit provides a free 14-day trial to give users a chance to test out the platform and see the benefits for themselves.
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